J. W. Anderson SS11

 This collection is very wearable. Loads of light layers are perfect for piling and shedding as the temperature rises. Lace on dye, texture on texture and  pattern on pattern are common layers seen in the line. Since the silhouettes are so minimal, the vivid combinations add visual interest rather than overpowering the outfit.
Most of the outfits keep a flattering silhouette either through cut or accessories, this provides a great balance between surfer-grunge and girlie. Pieces make references to goth style  through mesh and chokers as well, which gives a fantastic edge to all the ensembles.
I love the cut on the crop jackets- very unique. They're easy to look over, but once you notice them, the folds mess with your mind a little. If you dig under the layers a while, you uncover a couple of T-shirts which feature what look like pictures from a hippie family album. Each item is admirable, but the accessories tie everything together.
Gothic chokers and tough chains seem like light additions compared to the bulky layers. The white school-girl socks help offset the extra volumes. I can hardly contain my excitement about the shoes. They are, without a doubt, flawless. They have the perfect proportions of length to bulbous-toe. Short and sleek enough to be sophisticated, but ballooned out to have a sense of humor. Each have their own sparkle accent on the toe, making them as original as every other piece.


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