Suno Resort 2012

Max Osterweis e Erin Beatty levam-nos para o Havai com padrões tropicais e cores vivas. A natureza é uma clara influência, o padrão é uma reminiscência da selva, com as folhas e as aves do paraíso. 

Suno delivered a much needed dose of that Polynesian brilliance for resort 2012. Their prints are always fantastic and this resort collection didn’t disappoint; it pays homage to those same postcard-esque fronds, fruit and florals in a splashy ensemble that avoids the garish, bad-tourist-shirt vibe one often associates with tropical prints. There are stiffer cotton-and-linen jackets, shirtdresses, button downs and pants with matching swimsuits, 
and an adorable babydoll tunic with embroidered matchstick people. Of course, there’s also a nod to the printed East African textiles the line was created around.

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