Pop'Africana Magazine

Pop'Africana é uma revista africana e que se centra principalmente nisso, dar a conhecer fotógrafos, modelos, stylists e desenhadores todos eles africanos. É um mix perfeito entre arte, literatura, cultura e moda. Aqui vos deixo um editorial que adorei com o nome Native.

"Pop’Africana is the Africana global book of style, the reference point on what is current, innovative, visually stunning and forward-thinking in African achievement and endeavour. Published annually, Pop’Africana examines and presents the cosmopolitan lifestyles and identity of Africans today. It delivers a mix of luxury, art, literature, culture and style and puts forth an alternative view on understanding genuine African aesthetics of beauty and style."

Oroma Elewa – Photographer; Atong Ajork & Ataui Deng – Models;
Oroma Elewa – Fashion Editor/Stylist; Jennifer Nam – Makeup Artist;
Jennifer Nam – Hair Stylist

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