Thetrendreinvented's Weekly 'We Love' List

This week on our Love List we share the artwork that's inspiring us.

Beautiful picture of Swedish photographer Julia Hetta.

Christian Louboutin bag is great for day-to-day with leopard print and feathers.

This installation by artist and designer Dominic Wilcox aims to breath life into the simple, inanimate shoe, making a connection with nature while referencing the lives of the absent owners.

These glasses by Shwood are crafted from - you guessed it - wood, and make getting in touch with nature a stylish affair.

Student at Rochester Institute of Technology and web developer, Matt Wisniewski is also a very talented image manipulator.

Delfina Delettrez is young and creative. She adores creating fantastic jewels and magic talismans.

This extremely moody piece takes the viewer on an adventure beyond our expectations of indie fashion films - Lindsey Thornburg

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